Indonesian army progressing on human rights

Testimony by Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Robert Scher

“During the past decade, the Indonesian Armed Forces, known by the Indonesian acronym of TNI, have undertaken several critical institutional reforms to help achieve Indonesia’s goal of establishing greater civilian control over the military. These reforms include formally removing the military from political affairs, as codified in Indonesian Law 34/2004; establishing a clear delineation between the responsibilities of the civilian police forces and the TNI; and enhancing the authority of the civilian defense minister. While the United States has encouraged and applauded such reforms, it is important to note that the Government of Indonesia undertook them of its own volition, as a reflection of its commitment to democratic values and to playing the role of a responsible leader in Southeast Asia. It is particularly notable that these reforms have taken place so shortly after Indonesia’s transition from autocratic rule.”

Complete article please read : US Foreign Affairs


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